Alastair MacEwen, Cameraman and Director.

Over more than 25 years his work has contributed to many award winning films and landmark series. The awards include Emmys, Pandas and the coveted Golden Panda. His experience is unusually wide, ranging from conventional long lens cinematography with subjects such as humpback whales, Amazonian river dolphins, giant otters, elephants, lions and cheetahs, through to the highly specialist techniques required for macrocinematography.

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He has contributed to most of David Attenborough’s Life of series including ‘Life in the Undergrowth’. He has worked on the BBC’s latest landmark productions ‘Planet Earth’, Life, Frozen Planet and Africa. He has also contributed to major National Geographic productions such as ‘Strange Days on Planet Earth’, ‘Great Migrations’ and most recently ‘Untamed Americas’.

Alastair is a Zoology graduate, he started his career writing and directing commercial documentaries then moved into wildlife camerawork, which was much more in line with his interest in Natural History.

He has used an extremely wide range of equipment from starlight cameras, infra red sensitive cameras, motion control time lapse, probes, minicams, polecams, high speed cameras etc. He has set up optical benches and had a great deal of experience with microscopes and is familiar with most microscope optical systems.

In the last two years he has filmed subjects ranging from Pygmy Elephants, Hummingbirds, and Long Tongued Bats to Cuttlefish and Singing Spiders.

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Currently working on ...

 'Our Planet', Silverback Films for NetFlix and BBC 'Seven Continents the Current NHU Landmark Series

Recently worked on ...

'Planet Earth II', BBC Landmark Series,  The Hunt BBC1 Silverback TV, BBC Africa series, BBC Hidden Kingdoms, BBC The Burrowers,  Grizzly Bear, Silverback Films for Disney Nature

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